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KeepNote is a note taking application that works on Windows, Linux, and MacOS X
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Matt Rasmussen

KeepNote is a program to take all kind of notes in rich-text format.
This program works in Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It allows you to create your own notebooks, where you can store your notes hierarchically sorted. You can create folders to store related notes (each one saved in a different page), or child pages related to a parent page. Once you have finished, you can save the whole notebook as a single file, which will contain all the folders and pages you created.

The text in the pages can be formatted, just as with any other good word processor - you can choose fonts and sizes, change the alignment, the text and background colors, you can underline a text, or add a hyperlink to any part of the text.

This program has also another interesting function: choosing "Insert a Snapshot", you will be able to mark a portion of your computer screen, and insert that image into the document you are writing with KeepNote. You can also insert images already stored in the clipboard, or in any drive of your computer.

As an add-on, KeepNote allows you to search for a given text inside an entire notebook, browsing all the pages in it.

In brief, KeepNote is the perfect program for those who need to take notes frequently, and need to have them also well organized.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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